Craving some fresh seafood? Introducing Klang's Yee Xiang Seafood Restaurant

5 Nov 2021

11:02 AM

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Today, let's talk about Klang's Yee Xiang Seafood Restaurant. Earlier in September, the restaurant had moved from their original location to a new shop front and are now located right behind Botanic's Pupu Cafe. (Please refer below for the full address) 

Our team dropped in for a lunch meal just the other day, and here's what we had! 

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The star of the meal had to be their Curry Fish Head - fresh and delicate, the fish was finely-cooked along with fragrant, coconut-based curry. It's not super spicy, so the dish is suitable for everyone. A variety of vegetables is also mixed in with it, balancing out the flavour with 'taukee' and 'taupok'. 

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We also ordered Deep-Fried Salted Squid. Pairing the super crispy dish with chilli sauce makes it both a wonderful appetizer and a scrumptious side dish. Fried to a golden brown, the dish was done just right and did not lean towards the oilier side. 

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Coming up next, we had Kung Pao Mantis Prawn. The prawns came beautifully deep fried, mixed with dry chilli, ladyfingers, onions and cabbage. Crispy, sweet and spicy - you won't get enough of it. 

Image(5) - 20211102_135336.jpg

Next on, we had steamed clams. Both sweet and salty, the clams were served with a handful of fried garlic - hence it has quite a strong; but not overbearing, aromatic garlic flavour. The clams were also very fresh and tasty! 

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Finally, we had Yee Xiang's signature dish - stir-fried fish with pork (扣肉炒鱼). The dish itself leans towards the pork's heavy flavour, but paired with the fish - in which in this case, the restaurant used stingray, balances out the heavy flavor. Fresh and soft to the bite, the dish also had leeks, dry chilli and topped with a dash of coriander. 

Image(9) - 20211102_135945.jpg

To make up for some of the drier dishes, our team made sure to order other dishes that had soup or sauces so it wouldn't end up too drying. We also had other dishes like sweet potato leaves with garlic slices, minced-pork white tofu and a Thai-style sweet and spicy chicken. 

Image(6) - 20211102_135443.jpg

Image(10) - 20211102_140706.jpg

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Yee Xiang Seafood Restaurant has a lot to offer, with a wide array of choices on their menu. Feel free to drop in and enjoy their fresh, hearty seafood meals! 

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Restoran Seafood Yee Xiang Bananaleaf

Operation Hours - 11am - 8pm daily
Address - 19-1 HINGGA 19-12 JALAN REMIA 2/KS6 41200 KLANG SELANGOR
Phone Number - JOEY : 0102850678 | MAY SIAH : 0177021933

[Facebook Page] 

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