iOS14 – Are your apps spying on you?

30 Oct 2020

3:23 PM

BSL Admin


Are you an Apple user? If you've upgraded to iOS 14, there's something you want to look out for!

If you've noticed a green or orange light on your screen's top right corner, it's Apple's newest feature to keep your privacy safe.  It basically shows you a colored indicator at the top of your screen if an app is currently accessing your camera or microphone.

The green light means your camera is active, while the orange light means your mic is active.

We’ve all gotten paranoid that an app is accessing our camera or mic without our knowledge. Now we’ll see a visual alert instantly when apps use these features, assuring that we know what’s going on. So if you're using FaceTime and you see these lights, that's normal because your camera and mic is in use!

If you see these dots while you're using any other applications, be mindful that the app may be recording or using your camera.

You can always go to 'Settings' and 'App Permissions' to change these permissions to ensure your privacy when using mobile apps. You can also bring up Control Center to see what apps have recently accessed your mic or camera. This notification will appear at the top of the Control Center screen.

Always be careful and aware of your privacy on your gadgets!


Photo Credits - 9to5Mac

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