MPK: 30 mosquito breeding sites found at Taman Meru Indah, Klang

15 Jun 2022

9:48 AM

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Health inspectors from the Klang Municipal Council (MPK) carried out 137 inspections at Taman Meru Indah, Meru in Klang, to weed out mosquito breeding sites last Saturday.

The move comes after two children, aged three and seven, from the housing area came down with dengue fever.

MPK Environmental Health officer Zakaria Ismail said the half-day house-to-house checks found that some residents had hoarded old plastic paint tubs, pots and plastic sheets along the back lanes and in front of their homes and these containers had collected rainwater.

“Our team of health inspectors and workers found 30 active mosquito-breeding sites.

“Most of them were outside the perimeter of the houses while five were within the house compound.

“The team issued five notices to the houseowners requiring them to clean up the surroundings where mosquito larvae were found,” he said after the operations.

MPK removed the plastic tubs and other receptacles and fogged the area in the evening.

Zakaria said both children who had contracted dengue in Taman Meru Indah had recovered after treatment.

He warned that cases were on the rise.

“From June 5 to June 11, Klang district recorded 157 dengue cases, bringing to 2,886 the total cumulative cases since the beginning of this year,” he said.

He advised the people to keep their surroundings clean and to stop hoarding materials that could become mosquito breeding sites.

“Intermittent rain with hot afternoons has contributed to a general uptrend in cases across Klang.

“Dengue transmission is not localised and everyone has to be alert to the threat.

“Collective effort is critical to prevent dengue cases from rising further.

“We want people to spend 10-minutes a week to clean their homes and clear away stagnant water,” he said.

Common symptoms of dengue fever include headache, body ache, fatigue, vomiting, sore throat and skin rash.

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