Klang consumer association hopes JKR can take action on successive flooding of Jalan Kebun Nenas

30 Jun 2022

11:28 AM

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EACH time it rains heavily, traffic snarls are a common sight in Jalan Kebun Nenas, Klang in Selangor.

Motorists are forced to endure a bumper-to-bumper crawl in above ankle-deep waters.

The main road is flanked by two housing estates, namely Taman Sentosa and Bandar Botanic.

Motorists from Bandar Puteri, Klang and those exiting or entering the Kesas Expressway also use Jalan Kebun Nenas, which is a two-lane dual carriageway.

Rainwater is unable to flow into the two monsoon drains on both sides of the road and floods the road during heavy rain.

An estimated 800m partially submerged stretch of Jalan Kebun Nenas can cause traffic congestion from outside the Bandar Botanic retention pond up to the Bandar Puteri Shell petrol station in Lebuh Pending Satu.

Klang Consumer Association president A. Devadass said that each time Jalan Kebun Nenas became flooded, commuters would share traffic alerts on social media with photos attached, asking people to avoid the route.

He said the motorists regularly using Jalan Kebun Nenas were upset as the Klang district Public Works Department (JKR) had not addressed the problem.

Social volunteer Mohd Ali Jinnah, 60, who lives within walking distance of Jalan Kebun Nenas, said he had raised the matter to the authorities several times but to no avail.

He said the flooding on the road had been a recurrent issue for more than five years.

“I have walked the whole stretch of the 800m road and found no scupper drains on the left or right to channel rainwater into the monsoon drains,” he highlighted.

“We need JKR engineers to assess the situation and resolve the matter,” he said.

Mohd Ali added that it took two days for the water on the road to recede.

Devadass, who visited the affected stretch, said constant flooding had caused cracks and large potholes on that street.

“Our association wants JKR to treat the matter with urgency as people’s safety is important,” he added.

At Persiaran Selat Selatan, Pendamar in Pandamaran, owners of four shoplots want Klang Municipal Council (MPK) to address the flood problem outside their shops that has affected them for 10 months.

“Each time it rains for only about half-an-hour, the drain water overflows and covers a portion of Persiaran Selat Selatan,” said Lee Swee Hing, 50, who sells fried noodles.

“Then it takes at least five days for the water to subside.

“We are perplexed because we did not have this issue previously,” he said.

Mechanic Lee Boon Xian, 32, said owners had raised the floor fronting their shops to keep floodwaters from entering their premises.

He said customers avoided the place because of the flooded road.

Devadass asked MPK to treat the matter with urgency as overflowing drains and water stagnation were a major concern for businesses.

“Though complaints were made to MPK, there has been no solution,” he said.

Klang district JKR chief Zaizul Hisham Zainol said the department planned to raise the road level to ensure water did not pool on Jalan Kebun Nenas after rain.

“We are now submitting an application for roadworks to be carried out,” he added.

MPK Corporate Communications Depart-ment director Norfiza Mahfiz said the council would investigate the reason for the drain blockage at Persiaran Selat Selatan.


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