The Walkways is used as a space for storing products

25 Aug 2022

4:09 PM

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INDISCRIMINATE storing of goods by traders on sidewalks off Jalan Pasar Baru in Klang, Selangor, is a hindrance to pedestrians who cannot use the pavements and have to walk on the road itself.

Some shopkeepers are also not happy with these traders for constructing concrete ramps across drains which impede water flow.

During downpours, water can rise to ankle-level around the area, and at Jalan Pasar Baru 3, the water would rise to the knees.

Traders have also closed off a lane between two blocks along Jalan Pasar Baru and turned it into an area to sort out wholesale goods.

Awnings have been put up over the street and items are stacked on top of drainage culvert openings along this lane.

Shopkeepers said their complaints to Klang Municipal Council (MPK) seemed to have fallen on deaf ears.

“We want MPK to demolish the concrete ramps and remove the illegal storage areas on five-foot ways and sidewalks,” said shopkeeper Ghani Ghouse.

Trader A. Hamzah said the concrete ramps encroached on public parking space.

“Ordinary folk can see this happening but not MPK,” he added.

Klang Consumer Association president Devadass Anjan said his association had received complaints from market-goers and shopowners about the illegal storage space and ramps.

“We want MPK to hold an anti-encroachment exercise and a thorough desilting of the drainage network within and around the three blocks of shops to curb flash floods,” he said.

MPK Engineering Department director Zamri Othman said the council did not allow concrete ramps, storage and awnings in public areas.

“A notice will be issued to all the offenders to remove their illegal structures,” he said.

He added that they would be given two weeks to do so, failing which, the council would dismantle the structures.

MPK Environmental Services Department director Zaireezal Ahmad Zainuddin said the department would hold an operation to clean up the back lanes and drains parallel to Jalan Pasar Baru to curb flooding.


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