Don't wait for winter solstice for 'tang yuan', visit Tong Kee Tong Yuen!

15 Mar 2021

11:26 AM

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Do you love winter solstice desserts like we do? Well we have a wonderful recommendation for you! 

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Tong Kee Tong Yuen, located at Taman Berkeley, serves 'tang yuan' even on casual nights. 'Tangyuan' or 'tang yuan' is a Chinese dessert that is made of glutinous rice flour and rolled into a ball, and hence some people translate it to glutinous rice balls. 

Tong Kee Tong Yuen is extremely popular even to people outside of Klang, and you would often see crowds of customers waiting around their stall. Some visitors even come to wait as early as 6pm to beat the queue. 

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The humble stall serves several varities of 'tang yuan' - the classic small 'tang yuans' that are plain, and the larger 'tang yuans' that are filled with black sesame and peanuts. What makes them stand out is their spicy ginger soup that is brewed with pandan leaves, gula Melaka and Bentong ginger. The combination of the two makes a sweet, spicy and warm dessert. 

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As well as that, their 'tang yuans' are all hand-made on the spot, so it may take a slightly longer wait time. But trust me, it's definitely worth the wait. You can enjoy the dessert on the spot with readily-prepared tables and chairs from the kopitiam, or you can also opt for takeaway and enjoy the dessert at home. They also tend to sell out rather early, so if you're intending to try, do try and drop by a little earlier to try your luck! 

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The shop is mainly active on Facebook, and you'll be able to catch their latest updates and changes in operation hours there. 

Tong Kee Tong Yuen 通记汤圆
Address - 15A, Leboh Bangau, Taman Berkeley, 41150 Klang, Selangor
Phone Number - 016-361 2549
Operation Hours - 6-8pm (Closed on Mondays and Thursdays) 

Reference Links - 
[1] Facebook Page 

Photo Credits - Google (Andy T.C. Chong, Jayier Lee, Ben Chiah), KL Chin, fanny_ho3021

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