Malaysian 'kopitiam' culture with a modern twist: Hon Kei Kopitiam

11 Apr 2022

9:13 AM

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Local kopitiams too hot for your liking but you find yourself craving their food? Hon Kei Kopitiam might just be your new favorite place in Klang to dine. 

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This new, cozy coffee shop features the best of our local Malaysian hawker food in a clean, modern setting. By taking away the hustle and bustle from typical kopitiams, Hon Kei gives us some space to rest and recharge within its pleasant vicinity.  

Apart from the comfortable environment, this chic coffee shop serves classic Malaysian dishes at a reasonable price. With the motto of ‘no shortcuts’, the kitchen ensures that their ingredients are fresh and their food prepared with no artificial additives. 

As we open up their menu, we notice that Hon Kei Kopitiam offers three types of meat choices, char siew, chicken and roasted pork - that goes alongside some of their main dishes. Customers will be able to choose to add-on according to their personal preference. Charcoal roasted and marinated in house, these meat choices are part of Hon Kei’s signature snacks and served freshed daily. 

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Their curry laksa is served with fragrant curry broth that’s just nice, not overly spicy but savory and delicious. Hon Kei’s take on nasi lemak is a rather traditional one – we notice the blue-hued nasi kerabu right as it’s served, paired with the usual accomplices of the dish - peanut, anchovies, crispy fried chicken and curry sauce. 

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Next up was their Fantasy Rice, inspired by Stephen Chow’s movie but with a Japanese ‘Don’-inspired twist. It features Char Siew Rice topped with a beautifully cooked onsen egg. We also ordered a set of Hainan kaya butter toast to make the ‘kopitiam’ experience more complete. 

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Let’s not miss out on the beverages. Throughout our visit, we could see many customers ‘dabao’ their drinks back to office. They have their signature salted coffee, ‘kaw’ but smooth with a cream cheese topping. Then there’s the crowd favorite, good old ‘teh’, delicious milk tea that was just nice as it had a perfect balance of milk that doesn’t overthrow the original taste of tea. Finally, we have Golden Barley, a go-to for Malaysia’s fiery weather and highly recommended if you need something light after a heavy meal. 

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Recently, Hon Kei Kopitiam has just launched a new menu, featuring new dishes such as porridge, ‘chee cheong fun’ and many more! Let us know if you’ve tried out the food over at Hon Kei Kopitiam, we look forward to knowing your thoughts as well! 

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Hon Kei Kopitiam | 翰记茶室

Operation Hours - 8am - 4pm daily, closed on Tuesdays
Location - No.13, Ground Floor, Jalan Remia 4/KS06, Bandar Botanik, 41200 Klang, Selangor
Phone Number - 017-345 1614

[Facebook Page] [Instagram]

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