Japanese food with a local twist - Don Kaiten Japanese Restaurant

25 Jun 2021

10:21 AM

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Have you been getting your Japanese food cravings sated while staying at home? If not, we have a restaurant to recommend! Introducing Don Kaiten, located in Klang Parade, Meru.  

Compared to other japanese food restaurants we have tried, Don Kaiten has more of a local Malaysian taste to it's food. Whereas some people prefer an authentic Japanese taste, Don Kaiten seems to have adapted well to accomodate the local people's taste buds. The dine-in environment is very cozy, and it's often full during the weekends back before we went into lockdown. 

We normally order their sushi dishes that are available in a wide array of choices. We also really like their fragrant chawanmushi with mushroom that we can't seem to replicate in our own kitchen. 

Image(1) - 172059132_5405541242821590_6097130616439129882_n.jpg

Grab their set meals to get the most of out of their pricing. Most of their set meals include are jumbo-packed - it consists of the main dish, soup, rice, and it also includes side dishes such as salad, fruit, jelly and gyoza. If you're looking for a more affordable option, their garlic fried rice (RM8.90) and seafood fried rice (RM10.90) could be a good choice for you. We also enjoyed their tempura dishes that include deep-fried prawns and vegetables. 

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Do note that the food leans a little more salty and heavy on the MSG, especially on their soup dishes. You know how heavy it is when a Klang person says the taste is too heavy right, haha! Definitely leave a remark when you order if you prefer a lighter taste. Prices are typical japanese restaurant prices, slightly pricy compared to our Klang food. You can also opt for a member card for more discounts.

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Some customers have noted on the long waiting time for orders, so it's recommendable to go early. But now since dine-ins are prohibited, it doesn't take too long for your order to be delivered. Orders are submitted to their WhatsApp and the staff will assist you from there, you can also choose to pick up your order via drive-through.

From personal experience, they pack their orders in a very organized and clean manner so nothing spills, with each dish packed nicely in plastic containers without any extra surcharge, so kudos to that as well.

 Image(4) - 186459635_5538984222810624_8343829703217087321_n.jpg

Let us know your thoughts if you've tried Don Kaiten! Remember to support your favorite restaurants during these tough times! 

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Don Kaiten

Address - Klang Parade - G65 &G66, Ground Floor, Klang Parade Shopping Mall, No.2112 KM2, Jalan Meru, 41050 Klang, Selangor
Phone Number -
011-3648 7538
Operation Hours -
11am - 8pm

Photo Credits to - Don Kaiten, YenYuJen Lee, sweet_pj_

Reference Links - [1] Don Kaiten

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