Enjoy the view while you dine by the harbor - Perlama Seafood Restaurant

12 Nov 2021

10:26 AM

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The BaSangLang team went on a short road trip to Port Klang for lunch just the other day. After a series of rundown lanes and gravel roads, we arrived at Perlama Seafood Restaurant. 

We were welcomed by a scenic view of the harbor with boats of all sizes - from large fishing boats, sailing boats to speedboats. The parking lot was surprisingly well-kept compared to the road condition from outside, and we spent a little time admiring the view before heading into the restaurant. 

Perlama Seafood Restaurant had only resumed dine-in services on the 1st of October 2021, and all the tables were filled during the lunch hour when we visited. 

While we waited for our meals to be served, you'll feel an ocassional breeze once in a while. Fishy or refreshing, that's according to personal preference hehe. 

Here's the dishes our team ordered for the day - 

Image(1) - perlama_photo-01.jpg

Crab porridge with clams - this came in a super large serving served in a black claypot. Personally think that it's rather moderate but the crab and clams were really fresh. It also has the usual toppings of garlic, green onions and sesame oil.

Image(3) - perlama_photo-08.jpg

The second dish was fried 'beehoon' with 'lala', which is fried rice vermicelli with clams. It was fried just nicely - not too dark or overly-scorched and not too oily. We enjoyed this dish a lot! 

Image(6) - perlama_photo-11.jpg

Then came fried eagle ferns (炒蕨菜), a platter of steamed fish and finally, our favorite dish from the entire lineup - salted egg crayfish. The eagle ferns had just a pinch of spiciness to it and was overall pretty decent. The steamed fish also came in a super large serving, cooked with soy sauce, ginger and green onion - the fish was fresh but could be better.

Image(5) - perlama_photo-10.jpg

Image(2) - perlama_photo-02.jpg

The deep fried salted egg crayfish was hands down, our team's favorite dish. Deep fried to a golden brown, the salted egg batter paired with just a slight touch of chilli made it extremely savoury and appetizing. You'll won't be able to stop yourself from reaching for the crunchy crayfish throughout your meal. 

Image(4) - perlama_photo-09.jpg

The Perlama Seafood Restaurant's pricing leans more on the higher-end and because of that, it opens up many more alternatives and choices. Feel free to give it a try and let us know your thoughts! 

Restoran Perlama Seafood

*Muslim-friendly, pork-free 
Operation Hours - 10am - 8pm, closed on Tuesdays
Address - 6, Jalan Tangki, Pelabuhan Selatan, 42000 Pelabuhan Klang, Selangor
Phone Number - 012-331 9908

[Facebook Page] 

Photo Credits to BaSangLang.com

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Enjoy the view while you dine by the harbor - Perlama Seafood Restaurant

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